30 September 2006

A Father's Pain

Owls have families too, you know. We take care of our young in a manner befitting a gift from Heaven. As much as we try not to get too attached to them, knowing fully that we are merely their caretakers, we can't help but feel overly protective and overzealous about them.

One of my offspring came across an accident today, she smashed her cheek on this hard object made of a material called glass. It was half-an-inch thick, and the impact broke it in two.

I was there. I practically saw the whole thing. But what could I have done? I would have traded places to take that blow for her, that's what!-- but I couldn't.

You know, we raise our young to teach them to fly someday. Someday, but not now! My daughter, named after an ancient Egyptian wonder once protected by Queen Cleopatra, barely too young to fly, had to take that fall on her own. But I was so much stronger than her! I am a warrior, with an earthly body that had been molded by hardship and sacrifice! She, a fragile child, a female--- my baby...! Why couldn't I have been asked to suffer on her behalf? Couldn't I have stood in her place? Why.... did it even have to happen in the first place? It is difficult for a parent to have to go through this ordeal. We should never have to see our children this way. Wars have been fought for less. If a mother's instinct to protect her young is legendary, this father would have shaken this land loose!

As fate would have it, my young daughter suffered absolutely no damage at all. I would not have thought that at the time I held her in my wings just after she had taken the fall. It was no less than a miracle indeed.

Dear Heaven, I got your message. Next time, I will know better than to underestimate your ways-- your laws. Thank You for this reminder.

Fow now, I am again whole.

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