12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

A Blessed Easter to all!

Let us try to celebrate Easter thinking of the Easter Bunny, Yes, the Easter Bunny.

Let not similar creatures find themselves on our dining tables as we celebrate this auspicious day of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Have a Heart.

That's all, Folks! ;-)

01 April 2009

I am being nostalgic again

I have received a lot of comments regarding the paintings I did sometime in the 80s and which I posted here, but another little known fact about me is that I was a professional musician. I raised my young family on earnings from gigs and teaching people to play the drums. It was a hard but fulfilling life. I had to play gigs at night and teach, as well as practice, in the daytime. In 1995, the band I belonged to at that time recorded an album. It was quite an experience, recording for art's sake and not for anyone else's. Since I had long given away any CDs of our album I had left, I was so happy to have come across a copy and quickly ripped them into MP3s.

For your listening pleasure, I have uploaded them on last.fm. I hope you will find them entertaining, if not amusing, at the very least. Back then, we thought it was great.

Here is the LINK.

I also have some songs posted on the right hand side of this blog, just above my entrecard widget, if you prefer to listen to the songs from there.

Sorry, but I could not get a scan of the album cover since I only had my laptop with me at the time. I was quite happy to have been able to rip these songs.