25 August 2009

Tsong, I Wonder.....

I have always wondered where the term of endearment "Tsong" originated from. Along with "pare", "pards", "dre" and "tol", these words are now mainstays of the spoken Filipino language.

I have a hunch. After watching the 70s hippie flick "Cheech and Chong" once more recently, it dawned on me. Was the term taken from Cheech?

You think? ;-)

12 August 2009

What I Thought of Today

"I figure I have around 50 years left to live, if I were to die of old age. What if I won't? Then, I can go anytime, in fact. I am not prepared. I don't have a fortune to leave my family with to sustain them for years to come. I haven't taught my children every important lesson I can think of. I haven't lived life to the fullest. I haven't made my life an adventure. I have not made enough of a difference in the world. I haven't given enough love. I haven't cultivated myself and my soul enough to gain entrance through the pearly gates. I just haven't. I haven't.

How much is enough? How long will THAT take? While I try and figure that out, I must always strive to make each day count."

:: Ang Kuwago