12 August 2009

What I Thought of Today

"I figure I have around 50 years left to live, if I were to die of old age. What if I won't? Then, I can go anytime, in fact. I am not prepared. I don't have a fortune to leave my family with to sustain them for years to come. I haven't taught my children every important lesson I can think of. I haven't lived life to the fullest. I haven't made my life an adventure. I have not made enough of a difference in the world. I haven't given enough love. I haven't cultivated myself and my soul enough to gain entrance through the pearly gates. I just haven't. I haven't.

How much is enough? How long will THAT take? While I try and figure that out, I must always strive to make each day count."

:: Ang Kuwago


FilMasons NSW said...

Ahhh Kuyang same as my post awhile ago:


I suggest, for financial legacy, life insurance to pay off all your liabilities, plus amount to keep your family stable/debt free for a couple of decades; just in case. I am sure a business insurance would do the job. Else consider talking to your financial adviser on what is the best financial paln for your needs.

Hopefully we won't use our life insurances yet! Not for another a couple of decades or so.

Ang Kuwago said...

Thanks for the insight and idea, Kuyang. I always saw insurance as unnecessary. Maybe I should revisit that notion.

Nice post on your blog, Kuyang. Very touching, and I like your writing style.

adam said...

If I'm going to leave another 50 years cause I'm now 30y/o, :-). I'm just thinking on how I can give my son a better future and that starts today.
Zoom Treetop Adventure in Ortigas have you gone to this place?

Ang Kuwago said...

Thanks for the invite, Adam, but we've got one just like that here in Subic. I'm the type who is afraid of heights, so I never really bothered trying it out for myself. :)