09 October 2007

My Flight to: Dumaguete

It really is wonderful seeing new places. Today, I travelled to the City of Dumaguete, in the province of Negros Oriental.
Even while in the sky, I knew that it would be a beatiful day in Dumaguete, for the clouds were as thick as heaps of cotton. The only thing left to brighten my mood was for the rain to come and welcome me to this new place I have never been to before.
Already I felt comfortable and content, thinking of those mountains of fluff as my heavenly bed set in some city in the sky. An eternal garden of thick white blankets, ready to make the most weary soul rest from deep within. To replenish for the day's battles ahead.
Would it be possible to walk along its immaculate streets? To soothe those tired feet and give them strength for tomorrow's seemingly endless journeys? And when at last I landed in this City of gentle people, I was delighted that the Gods decided to quench my thirst and bring me rain. This privilege, though short, but sweet, was enough to give me what I needed for the trials that lay ahead.
(blogged while in Dumaguete using my laptop and Sony Ericsson P990i as wireless modem)

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