05 March 2008

Accept the Inevitable but Seek the Truth

This morning, I woke up to a cool 25degC, and that was at the warmest corner of my home. The weather has been very cooperative lately, at least as far as I am concerned, rain and chills being my cup of tea. I have been "under the weather" lately, pardon the pun, so the conducive climate has been good for my recovery.

The funny thing is that I was forewarned of my ailment while I wa meditating a few days ago. I felt I was told to "backup" and visit "Medical City" or something like that. I am hoping it means that if I don't "back off" from work, I might end up in "Medical City" instead. So, being the good boy that I am, my body obliged and I am now a homebuddy. I am now blogging in between bouts with mountains of paperwork and preparation for the battles ahead. It helps clear my mind, much like sky flakes and water does to my palate in between snacks of different tastes.

I must admit though, that just before this cold spell, I felt the summer warmth slowly creeping into my surroundings, not just in terms of temperature, but also in terms of the flora I see starting to get colorful again. I feel about summer as a cat probably feels toward water, I wish it were over sooner than later. But summer is as inevitable as the rising of the tides, and it is something I just have to deal with. There are many facets of summer I do enjoy anyway, like dry hiking trails and fresh fruits and vegetables in season. Plus, its planting season, and that is a good thing and a merry sight to behold.

The change of the seasons is like the interacting forces of Yin and Yang. As it is sometimes represented as the male and female energies, one cannot do without the other.

Yin and Yang need not be so vague. In fact, it is what makes the world operate in these contemporary times, it is the binary characters "0" and "1", the balancing yet opposing forces that form the heart of code that runs ALL electronic equipment. It is your right foot and left foot, the "+" and "-" terminals on your batteries, it is everything PRO and everything CON, it is you and everyone else that opposes you.

An such is the movement from day to night, and back to day; Such is the rotation and tilting of the earth, and its revolution around the sun; Such is that water falls to the earth and again rises to the heavens; Such is the birth, death and rebirth of man; Such is the cycle of the universe. And such is the energy that allows it to continue; Through it all, the energy will still thrive and shall continue its purpose.

But higher than energy, though, is Truth--- and in spite of the universal requirement of the interactive forces of Yin and Yang, Good and Evil, Darkness has no power over Light. In the midst of overwhelming and encompassing darkness, all it takes is a candle to banish it. Darkness cannot overwhelm Light by any degree, it cannot spread or exert itself over Light but it IS Light that can exert itself over darkness. The more the Light, the less the emptiness, the less the Darkeness.

So my friends, although there are things we just have to live with and accept, and doing so gleefully makes the travel so much more sweeter, there are also Truths that always prevail over this cycle.

Let us find that Light and grow it.

However, let us keep summer the way it is, some people actually Love it!


FilMasons NSW said...

Ayos Kuyang about this post: Sabi nga "Darkness is the absence of Light" - That force we always crave and travel towards to.

I hope you get better... plenty of fluids and juice.


Ang Kuwago said...

Thank you for your concern, Kuyang. I feel much better now. Sobra yata sa "fellowship", haha.

Fluids, definitely....40% alc. by vol. ;-)

berto said...

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