11 May 2008

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3

I am currently blogging at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at the new Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3. Fortunately, I finally got on a flight that landed at the new terminal. Wireless Internet is free, so I am blogging away, after a long hiatus due to my uber busy schedule, while sipping a cup of hot coffee. It is raining outside today, a huge difference from the hot and dry weather in India, which was at 44degC yesterday.

This terminal is beautiful.

Unfortunately, I feel like a zombie, having only slept no more than 2 hours. I left Chennai at 2345H, and after only 3.5 hours, I arrived in Singapore an hour or so ago. It is now 0745H. The time difference made me lose 2.5 hours today. And I have yet to fly to Kuala Lumpur later this afternoon.

In a short while, I will be taking a shower at the transit hotel, clearing immigration, then taking my check-in luggage from the lost & found in order to keep them in a locker at Terminal 2 so I can come by for them later this afternoon after I meet up with my good friend who is in the city, also on vacation in Singapore.

I will take the MRT to and from Terminal 2 to the city, taking my bags again from the locker and then taking the shuttle to the budget terminal where I will take a flight to KL LCCT, where I will meet with my wife, who is flying in from Clark.

It all feels so surreal, having just been to many cities and ancient temples around India in the past few days, mostly barefoot, and now, after no more than a few hours, already I am in one of the prime examples of modern, high tech architecture.

I will soon be blogging about my trip to India. Let us hope I find the time soon.


JayAshKal said...

Ahh one day I will visit Singapore, but as a traveller. It is definitely on my list to "visit-before-I-croak".

Would love to visit the Indian and Chinese quarters.

Enjoy the rest of your trip with Sis.


Ang Kuwago said...


A visit to Singapore is always let-your-guard-down time for us. Singapore is safe, very convenient and a gustatory delight. Definitely, Indian food.

Visit sooner than later. Just a plane ride from you, brother.

All the Best!