06 July 2008

Our Gifts

There are people who are born fortunate. Some are born into wealth, some are phyically built well, some are gorgeous, some have the gift of gab, some a wonderful speaking voice and others simply exude that charisma that make their presence immediately felt upon entering a room.

All these people have one thing in common: They are attractive to others.

God gave each of us some form of talent, others more pronounced than others. Although some people's talents may seem mundane, all these were given to us to fulfill a certain purpose.

For the ones given the talent of attractiveness, or the power to allure people, their mission is to use these God-given attributes to help people increase their spirituality.

If you do not dig my reasoning, then tell me why are others more well endowed than the rest? Evolution? If it is by virtue of evolution alone, then shouldn't all children look better than their parents? Though flawed my logic may seem, one cannot deny the fact that in the larger scheme of things, there must be a reason for everything. Quantum physics now subscribes to the fact that order exists in chaos. Everything in the universe is deliberate, nothing is by chance alone.

The law of cyclic existence dictates what we become in each lifetime, and the qualities we possess. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Your gifts are yours for a reason. As the parable in the Holy Bible implies, you will be answerable for the fruits of these gifts.

And in the spirit and tradition of the Impossible Mission Force (IMF), I therefore say: Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to find out what that mission is, and execute it to completion!


JayAshKal said...

In short Kuyang, find and fulfill our destiny or destinies... Follow that dream into fruition.

I don't know what motivated you to post this subject, but IT IS a great subject. More power...

Ang Kuwago said...

Thank you, Kuyang. I was motivated by my observations of how some people waste their attractiveness and not focus on the real reason they were given these gifts, and that is to use them to fulfill a divine purpose. Ultimately, it always is divine, isn't it, Kuyang?

More Light to you!

FilMasons NSW said...

That is the problem Kuyang, some or most people does not see their divine side. The've lost the connection to their spiritual side, and are mostly preoccupied with their physical world.

I've been listening on the radio, (on the way to work) re problems of celebrities... the likes of Paris Hilton, Madonna. They have the looks and the money; but the same problems.

Ang Kuwago said...

That is right, Kuyang, which is why we hope that they find the true meaning of their individual existence and fulfill their destinies for the benefit of all beings.

All the best, Kuyang.

Anonymous said...

Nakakaaliw, your blog! Topics raised here are highly interesting too. I like the paintings a lot. Had the chance to walk in the new Bangkok airport. It's so huge actually and had to do a lot of walking. But very impressive. Hope to cruise with you in this blog journey.

Inang Bayan

Ang Kuwago said...

Thanks for dropping by, and for your kind words, Inang Bayan. I like the new Bangkok airport too, but now a bit wary of going back there again, though. I wouldn't want to get stuck in that country indefinitely. Time is Gold, after all.

All the Best,