02 October 2006

Our Nest

We moved nests last year, from the urban jungle to a much more serene place 100kms or so northwards. It is a place where the forest meets the sea and where Mother Earth's spirit remains strong. We chose a spot 300 feet above sea level, not too far to enjoy the sight of a beautiful ocean cove. It is a place good enough for our young to grow in love and beauty; a haven for cultivating the soul. Our old nest had grown too small for us, too limiting for one who needs to commune with the infinite. My owlets needed to see the world, from a point of view not one the urban ways could teach. They needed an education-- lessons from life itself.

As we spent our days and nights in its loving embrace, we began to see the evil left behind by centuries of ill practices. The daylight's darkness is not easily seen, except by one such as me. The force can be felt in its ways, seen in silent observation. Could we change it, or will it change us?

One thing is for sure, no matter how much I try to repress my inner darkness, this warrior spirit will vigilantly set aflame the evil force that will keep the light from shining always.

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