30 September 2007

Pedal Power

I just started a new hobby. I decided it was time to get into shape, so I got myself a bicycle --- a mountain bike to be exact.

I have been riding it for more than two weeks now and I have started to improve my strength and endurance.

I have been purposely timing my rides, usually every other day, and I have been staying on these rides longer and longer. I am now up to a little more than an hour going up and down the winding roads of the hilly terrain where I live.

I think I have also renewed my love for the place I live in. Biking allows me to see things I usually miss when driving a car. I now smell beautiful scents which I usually miss out when zipping by hastily even with my windows rolled down.

I am also elated that I am not only getting healthier, but I am also helping our environment.

Imagine, even without gasoline, I am able to get all around the place. Of course, for greater distances, I still prefer my motorbike. But alas, it is currently decommissioned. That is definitely another great alternative to driving a car alone, specially for longer distances.

Maybe I'll get myself an electric bike.

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