28 August 2007

Playing with Fairies

Earlier tonight, I decided to see if I could see the lunar eclipse. It was supposed to have turned the moon a 'bloody red'. Not that I am particularly attracted by this color, as I prefer the fusion of all colors -- Black, but I thought that I would never get the chance to see another event such as this. While these things still mattered to me, I had to see it.

With all the trees protecting our home, I thought I'd walk to the main thoroughfare, through our dark road, where I thought I would get a better view of the sky. Along the way, in the pitch dark of night, I spotted some movement from the corner of my eye. I quickly turned to see a lone firefly whizzing and flickering a few feet from me. They say the presence of fireflies meant that the air is still clean, for they cannot survive in a polluted environment.

But why just one?

It took me back to a time, barely a year would have passed, when I was gently but unknowingly roused from my slumber. With the haze still in my eyes, I saw outside our window, a beautiful sight, a medley of sorts, a waltz of light. Hundreds, maybe thousands of fireflies, like little blinking beacons beckoning for the ship to sail home, filled the picture frame formed by my window. In the still of the night, the little fairies danced for me, frolicking around the tree that was the backdrop of their concerto.

I could almost hear their music.

Nothing else mattered that night, not another sound could be heard, except for their faint giggling as they saw me peer at them, enchanted, from where I was perched.

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