09 August 2007

Sincerity and You

I do believe that the human body is a work of art, so much so that painters find that it is one of the best subjects in the world, so do photographers or practically every artist that lived. Of all creation, it is also the most astounding. To a scientist, it is an amazing machine capable of self-healing, articulation and reproduction. To a mystic or a quantum physicist, it is much, much more. Its potential to influence the universe is not yet even fully understood. In that respect, it is not a remote possibility that ancient man probably knew more about the human being more than we do today. Which is probably why we fail to respect the human body, much less the human being. No wonder we have wars, famine, global disasters and resource shortages. We don't even respect ourselves. Just look around, let us not go any further: broken marriages, sibling rivalry, greed, exploitation, crime, addiction, and the list goes on.

Let us start making a change by respecting ourselves and the bodies around us. Let us not look down on them as mere sex objects, as tools for lure and marketing or as toys. When we start looking at them with respect, as heavenly creations made for the purpose of love and procreation, then maybe we can start being sincere with ourselves. It all starts with Sincerity. It starts with you.

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