26 August 2007

The Red Moon

Isn't technology wonderful? On Tuesday, between 5:30 to 8:30 PST, there will be a full eclipse of the moon according to the Discovery Channel. This phenomenon will, according to them, turn the moon a 'bloody red'. Now, I have been thinking whether I should anticipate the event and go outdoors, stare at the sky and start snapping photographs with a good borrowed digital camera. Then, I realized that I may not be able to find someone willing to loan me his camera as he himself will probably be doing the same thing -- snapping photos of the event. Then I thought: I am a poor photographer anyway, I would probably mess up those shots and waste the whole experience of savoring the moment. I decided then, I would not waste my time with taking photos. Let the professionals handle it. I would probably be able to find a picture, a hundred times better than one I would have taken, over the Internet. Such a wonderful thing, the Internet. We were always told that all human beings are interconnected to one another by a spiritual tie, the Internet takes us another step closer to understanding what is meant by that Law. Going back, I am now going to just download a picture from some photobloggers site for my personal collection and suck the whole experience in as it unfolds. It is great how connected we all are. In any case, with all the smog in the Philippines, that bloody red would probably look more like ashen gray.

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