24 December 2007

Christmas Cheers!

Before I get drunk tonight and lose my ability to write meaningfully, or carry on a decent narrative, let me take this opportunity to greet one and all a special Christmas. Instead of reminiscing on all the great times gone by, and how things were so much better before, my wish for all is that before we let this season pass us by, let us all make this our best Christmas yet.

Christmas time is merry-making time with our loved ones, and that is what makes us long for Christmas the whole year round.

A Happy, Memorable and Joyful Christmas to all!


FilMasons NSW said...

And Kuyang, as we partake of the nourishment laid before us, "let us always be mindful of the needs and wants of others," especially those who have less!

So Mote It Be....

Ang Kuwago said...
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