28 January 2008

Man-made Wonders

Tonight, as with most other partiesI go to, I expect to be asked to share about my travels and all the wonderful man-made marvels I have seen. Not that I travel that often, but because I love storytelling, and I enjoy sharing about my experiences. My friends know how I like to get into all kinds of situations.

As it has been with other friends in the past few weeks, I expect my friends to be a bit disappointed about my apparent frankness in expressing my lack of enthusiasm on the famous places I have been to in the past few months, expecting my usual animated and excited storytelling.

You see, I have come to feel somewhat apathetic about some of the landmarks I have been to. I realized that most of these 'works of art' were the outputs of some man's egoistic trip, and I have grown annoyed when people want to know more about them. I wonder if these people realize that these wonders were mostly tombs, or places of sacrifice, or battle trophies, or harems?

Once I talk about the spiritual places I have been to, on the other hand, most of them suddenly lose their want for my stories.

For I am awed by the creation which man cannot replicate, that which can be made only by God.

And it is what we can build deep inside ourselves, rather than that material wonder that is build outwardly for all the world to see and marvel at, that really matters. For as we nurture that light within us, the universe will notice.


sweetfrustration said...

hi! i enjoy reading your blogs at myblolog.com

i just like to ask, how do you post you entries from angkwago.blogspot.com to mybloglog.com?

thank you for your help! i'm just a new blogger. you're help would be highly appreciated.

happy blogging!

FilMasons NSW said...

Great piece, sounds Masonic too...

Nature does reconnect us with our spirit. Just being awed by the beauty, the vastness and the complexity of it all. Can you deny the existence of a Supreme Being?

Kuyang Mario

Anonymous said...

hi der! came across ur blog. as author paulo coehlo once said, continue to appreciate and tell stories of ur spiritual paths/roads for only few will learn to live the lessons in it.

can i add ur link? tnx

keep on blogging.


Ang Kuwago said...


Thanks for dropping by!

I visited your site and it is great that you have started blogging. Technology can either be your friend or your enemy. You have the power to choose whether you want him on your side. He can be a wonderful ally, and a very powerful enemy.

You seem to be doing well in your chosen field of endeavor. Keep it up!

In response to yur question: Once you have a myBloglog account, make sure to input your primary feed URL (RSS feed) in your settings and it will automatically pull the new posts from your blog and display it on their site. Depending on what service you use (Blogger, Wordpress, etc.), enabling RSS feeds will be different. Just explore. Oh, and make sure you install the widget on your site.

Hope this helps!

Ang Kuwago said...

My Dear Kuyang Mario,

With all the wonders He has created, both explainable and unexplainable, how can anyone deny it?

Bro. Kuwago

Ang Kuwago said...

@barefoot alchemist,

I like your blog. Sure, let us x-links.

I think you can read my intentions. We are most probably on the same page here.

I figure that in addition to going through this path but once, we also pass through in our own very unique way. So, all throughout my journey, I try to experience and share as much as I can, hoping that I can touch as much souls as I can.

Keep your light shining bright!

JC said...

Thanks for this entry. Quite insightful and reflective. Just the right kind of attitude to adopt in these times. Keep traveling!

Bro JC


Ang Kuwago said...

Brother JC,

Thanks for dropping by. I visited your blog and decided I would read it like I would the Holy Book...one entry at a time.

Enjoy your journey!


nutart said...

Hello, Kuwago!

I know that we are in the same league what with how you share your thoughts. Diretso about how things are. As my husband would say, it is as it is.

Can we share with you our website? http://viewpointhouse.googlepages.com/

Thanks, Bernadette

elay said...

that's what i feel always - when i see the sunset, when i see the earth from above when i fly, when i see nature - that indeed there is GOD. that there must be someone out there who made all these beautiful things. things that can never be constructed by man, often always ignored, they are just out there to be appreciated.

but when i do travel, i love to wonder at man-made structures, even tombs, temples. they tell so much about the place and people, its history and culture and i find that interesting as well.

Ang Kuwago said...

Thanks for dropping by, Bernadette!

Nice place you have!

I am glad you appreciate my insights, and I do hope you continue to do so.

In the Light,


Ang Kuwago said...

Dear elay,

Certainly, all of God's creations are a sight to behold. Man's creations are all God-made as well, since God is present in each and every atom, even the atoms which any structure is composed of.

Yes, even tombs and buildings.

Luceat Lux!