23 January 2008

Old School #1: My Antique Wristwatch

Every year for the past 3 years, I have made a ritual of this queer habit: Once the wind starts shifting from the east, and the breeze brings with it memories of time gone by, I start wearing my old Omega Seamaster 30.

Although it is not an heirloom, in fact a purchase on eBay along with 2 other timepieces, I somehow feel more attuned whenever I wear this watch.

The watch isn't made of gold, it isn't even an eye-catcher, it doesn't have a day or date indicator, it has to be wound often and is definitely not as accurate in keeping time as the chronometer on my BlackBerry which synchronizes with an atomic clock. I was told that it was manufactured around the 1940s or 1950s. That even makes it old.

The watch is much, much older than I am, but wearing it makes me feel staunch.

Other than that, I can't explain why I do it. Sometimes, I lay in bed thinking of the reasons why. I think I feel a bit more connected with the past, empowered by the resilience of the object and awed by the external simplicity of such a complicated device.

Maybe that is what I want to be: timeless, strong from within and glowing with inner beauty. I may not live as long as this watch can and will, given the proper care, but something in me will definitely live on, be it my spirit or fruits of my work.

I guess that is it. This simple object reminds me that I can be more than what is seen from the outside.


Edward said...

After reading this post, I have just realized that I haven't been wearing any watch for more than half a decade now. I just remember my favorite watch given to my father, which was stolen years back. No wonder why i'm always late for school. lol.

leonick said...

you benj, we got the same watch, small world. send you a pic of it soon.


Ang Kuwago said...

Edward, I think that with technology becoming all the more mainstream, we will be presented with many options on how to keep time accurately. As I mentioned, my BlackBerry keeps pretty accurate time. With that, an analog or mechanical wristwatch loses a lot of its functionality. What remains, of course, is its appeal. In the business world, it still is an important indicator for judging people for some. It will move more towards the direction of either becoming a status symbol, a utilitarian sports tool, or lose much of its popularity.

Ang Kuwago said...

Hi Leonick, I will look forward to seeing your picture. I have always favored Omega watches more than Rolex watches. I think it has something to do with being less extravagant. Much like still waters, an Omega for me, runs deep.


FilMasons NSW said...

I got a similar timepiece, a very old Elgin watch which my Dad gave to me. A hand me down and my very first watch. Unfortunately, I don't know where it is now... hazarding a guess: being a curious person, I might have disassembled it and could not assemble it back!


Ang Kuwago said...

Kuyang Mario,

Now, that is another thing we have in common! Haha.

It is a pity, though, that is a very good brand.

I once lost a Rado which my dad gave me... *ouch*

THE ANiTOKiD said...

very nice watch! and i kid you not!


Ang Kuwago said...


No kidding?! Haha. You're a classic.

Thanks for dropping by!

Rhoda said...

This is great info to know.