11 January 2009

Getting to KL Sentral and Singapore

Dear Kuwago,

[]........how do I get to KL from the LCC? I heard it is still very far....and how best do I get to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur?......[]


note: I simply pulled the actual question off the original email, since there are details which are quite personal - Kuwago


Dear Marie,

You are right, KL proper is still quite a distance from the airport. From KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), there is a train called the KL Ekspres which can take you directly to KL Sentral.
KL Sentral is where you want to go. Although it is not exactly smack downtown, it can be considered as their main transport hub, and you can readily go anywhere from there. However, since you will be arriving via their LCCT or Low Cost Carrier Terminal, which is yet another terminal apart from KLIA, I suggest you take the bus instead. It is a lot cheaper (RM9) as compared to the train (RM35) or even the taxi which can reach as much as RM100. The buses are stationed just outside the terminal, to your left as you exit the building. Choose a nice bus since not all the buses are well maintained. If you really want to try the KL Ekspres, you can take a bus (RM1) to the KLIA and board from there, although that would set you back at least another 15 minutes. The trip via bus from the LCCT to KL Ekspres is around an hour, while the train takes a little less than 30 minutes. You, however, run the risk of delays in boarding a bus to KLIA, then you have to walk to the train terminal, then wait for a train to arrive/leave. I have always found the red Air Asia buses from LCCT quite comfortable, practical, efficient and very affordable.
However, if you have the time, do try the train. It is quite an experience.

As for your trip to Singapore, there are many choices: Bus, Train or Plane.
I have never tried the train, but I do know that it leaves from KL Sentral and that there are options for day and night trips. I was told the train coaches have sleepers on the night trips, which are quite comfortable and are a practical option to another stationary night's stay in KL. You can leave at around 9PM and arrive in Singapore after a decent night's sleep at around 6AM. Friends who have tried it swear by it.
If you are commencing your trip from KL proper, consider the distance back to the airport if you intend to take the plane. Although the plane ride lasts less than an hour, it will take you at least an hour to travel to the airport and yet a few more hours before your plane leaves.
My choice has always been the bus, Aeroline to be precise. They have double decker buses which leave from strategic locations across KL, and believe it or not, their prices are similar to a taxi ride from KL Sentral to LCCT!
What I do appreciate are the meals, comfortable seats and most especially the on-board restrooms. There are only 3 rows on the upper deck, which offers a lot of leg and elbow room. On the lower deck, there is a lounge that can seat several people. If you're the friendly, chatty type, come on down to the lower deck to meet new friends. If you want to rest and take a nap, the upper deck is for you. The trip is an easy 5 hour journey, inclusive of a brief pit stop somewhere along the highway.
I have tried other bus companies, but I think I like Aeroline the most. Their terminals are strategic (I usually board at the Corus Hotel Terminal, where there is a lounge at the hotel lobby for passengers), buses are well maintained, drivers are professional and staff are courteous. I always feel safe and secure with them. At the Singapore end, you get off next to Vivo City Mall. Grand.
Before you leave KL, make sure you have all your travel documents ready. You will need them at the border.

I hope this helps. For more information, visit the following sites:

For the LCCT website - http://www.klia.com.my/LCCTerminal/

For the Aeroline website - http://www.aeroline.com.my/

For the KTMB (Train) website - http://www.ktmb.com.my/

For the KL Sentral website - http://www.klsentral.com.my/

In the Light,

Ang Kuwago


First timer said...


I happened to read your blog when I was surfing around for information to get around Malaysia.
I'm going to Langkawi from Singapore but I don't plan to take a direct flight to and fro. It will be my first time abroad so I'm not too sure of the procedures. Before I begin, I really appreciate any help that you can provide. I plan to catch a plane from KL-LGW-KL but I don't know the best way to get to LCCT if I enter kl by coach/train. Also, I wish to find out if it is possible to spend a maximum of S$60 by coach/train to get from sg to kl and from kl back to sg. Safety, punctuality of services and ease to get to next destination from where I alight are important as I hope I won't miss my flight or get lost in a strange land. Entertainment facilities, food on board the coach/train, high level of comfort and time are not important. But I hope there are no cockroaches. Please advise. Thanks!

Ang Kuwago said...

Dear First Timer,

First of all, I am sorry for the late reply. It was an old post of mine and your comment almost got buried in my inbox. I do hope I can still be of help to you and your trip.

I do suggest that you take a bus from Singapore. There are many buses you can take from the Golden Mile complex along Beach Road. It is just a 5 minute walk from Park Royale. I do, however, prefer to book online through https://www.aeroline.com.my/, which alternately departs from the Harbourfront terminal, next to Vivo City. I prefer this bus since there are restrooms on board, and the seats are clean and spacious. I have never encountered any hassles traveling with Aeroline, and they usually meet their schedules. I am confident you will enjoy riding with them. The thing is, I don't think they drop off at KL Sentral, which is where you want to go. Some buses which depart from Golden Mile do, but I would still go for Aeroline, the terminals of origin and destination are well appointed.

Now, depending on where you get off, you need to get to KL Sentral. From there, take a 1 hour bus ride on one of the red Air Asia buses (RM11.00). That will take you to the LCCT, where you should be able to fly to Langkawi on Air Asia.

Do book ahead of time (www.airasia.com), and give it a good 7-8 hours allowance from Singapore. I personally would give it more, then hang around KL for a bit. There are lockers you can rent in KL Sentral so you can take the MRT to KLCC (Petronas Twin Towers) for some window shopping.

$S60 will be rather thin for you to get to KL and back. If that budget is firm, just walk on over to Golden Mile, choose a bus that gets you to KL Sentral, take the bus from there to LCCT, and follow the same route back home to SG.

Just a word of caution, make sure you get a bus that goes to KL Sentral. You do not want to get off the other terminals, like Pasa Rasa.

Hope this helps, and let me know how it goes.

Ang Kuwago