06 January 2009

Remedy for Dengue

Dear Kuwago,

I have not come across that information regarding the Mahogany tree. It is interesting. What about Dengue, is there a natural cure for that? They say it is not curable.

Ms. Quito


Dear Ms. Quito,

When I realized that your chosen pseudonym actually alluded to the topic, I was in stitches. :-D

Well, you are correct, Doctors will actually tell you that there is no pharmacological cure for Dengue. In laymans terms: no commercially-available medicine has ever been proven to cure dengue, that is. But that doesn't mean it cannot be treated.

Ancient cultures have known for centuries that illnesses are best treated not by addressing the symptoms alone, but that the individual in his/her entirety be the subject of the intervention. That means that you simply do not bandage a wound, but make the body capable of healing itself properly. Some will heal faster than others, and that is simply due to their unique makeup.

In the case of Dengue, there are those who are bitten by the carrier and do not display symptoms, and yet there are those who are infected and fall ill. Then, there are those who recover after a few days, and those who require transfusion due to hemorrhage, and worse, even expire.

I have come across two plants, both available in the Philippines, that are claimed to help the dengue-stricken recover. These are the Tawa-tawa plant (Euphorbia Hirta) and the common Papaya (Carica Papaya L.).

Let's start with the Tawa-tawa. This is a common weed found abundantly around the country mostly in open spaces. You most probably have seen it, but didn't know what it was. There have been many recoveries associated with the use of this plant, and even government doctors have acknowledged their efficacy as a treatment. It is a remedy that local healers or 'herbularyos' know well of. The decoction: Uproot around 15-20 plants. Boil the equivalent of 8 glasses of water separately for 5 minutes. Lessen heat. Drop the plants, roots included in the boiling water. Keep it on a slow, rolling boil for just another minute. Have the patient take in no other liquid except this for the next 24 hours.

It is easy to underestimate the lowly weed, isn't it? And to think it has the power to cure such a formidable ailment.

For the Papaya: Take two leaves from the mature tree. Remove the actual leafy part from the stalk. Discard the stalk and remove any remaining sap from the leaves. Take these green leafy portions and grind/crush them. Wring them using cheesecloth (a clean one!) and have the patient ingest the raw liquid that you are able to squeeze from them. Do this just once a day on an empty stomach.

Most report results in just as little as 24 hours, even for advanced cases of hemorrhage.

Isn't it remarkable how Heaven has blessed this country with drugs so easily accessible and for free!

These plants seem to boost the body's immune system, which is essentially what is needed to protect the body from illness and recover from it. In bouts with Dengue, the indicator of recovery would be the platelet count and the WBC. Improvements in these indicators were noted with the use of both plants.

We have also heard that Talbos ng Kamote is another effective cure, but I have yet to confirm these claims. I have not heard of as much successes as compared to those who have tried Tawa-tawa and Papaya.

A few more guidelines to help the patient recover better, from this or any other illness, is to remember the following:
  • It is best to purge the system with an enema at the onset to help aid the body's natural healing capabilities;
  • Do not eat more than is required. It is actually better to fast at this time. Take your queue from your body;
  • Have plenty of rest;
  • Take in plenty of fluids such as water (not distilled) and natural fruit juices;
  • Eliminate causes of un-natural noise (such as construction, cars, exhaust pipes, chatter, etc.) from the surroundings;
  • Try to take in sunlight during the early and late parts of the day;
  • Keep the temperature warm to comfortable, not cold and chilly;
  • Massage the extremities gently (hands, feet and scalp) at least once a day, to aid blood circulation;
  • Meditate deliberately twice a day for just a few short minutes to clear your mind of useless clutter and reinforce the healing process;
  • If possible, take in fresh air as often as you can;

Sickness and healing is part of the natural cycle of life. They build immunities and make for you a better body. Just weather it out, and you will emerge from it a better person.

I am sorry I have no pictures, I am sure you can find some on Google, but If you need more information, or sources of the Tawa-tawa plant, email me privately.

Again, a disclaimer: We do not really know how effective these cures are or if there are any side-effects. Results could possibly be entirely circumstancial and more research is required to reach a definitive conclusion. Try these at your own risk.

But heck, for me, and me alone, I would go for these natural cures any day!

In the Light,

Ang Kuwago


FilMasons NSW said...


I have heard of the papaya but not tawa-tawa. If ever you find a picture, I would greatly appeciate it.

Welcome ack to blogging.


Ang Kuwago said...

Kuyang Mario,

Will definitely send you one.



Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Ang Kuwago said...

Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated! ;)