27 July 2010

Seeing Things Clearly

One of the hardest things to do is to see things as they are. Yet, a clear and unbiased perspective is an essential skill in many facets of life.

Take, for example, an opinion on the matter of whether to marry someone in particular. Your decision would obviously be affected by factors such as your family's take on the matter, your current state of affairs at the time, your friends' opinion, and a host of other forces.

But what truly should be your basis for marriage? Or employment? Or place of abode? From the complex to the mundane, it is hard to keep your objectivity when something is clouding your judgment.

So it is with many things in this world, people take different positions on matters because of differences in opinion. True, it is hard to see things from another's perspective, but in doing so, we eliminate a lot of divisiveness in the world today.

Let's try to see things from a different viewpoint today.

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