23 July 2010

Well, Hello There...

It has been quite a while since I last posted an entry. With the popularity of Facebook, it was amusing to quickly post a picture, or a status update, or comment on something. But then, it seemed to me that I was starting to grow wary of too much online exposure. I still enjoy the relative anonymity I have created for myself here in this blog of mine. I realize I have lost many regular readers by not posting often enough, but such is life. We sometimes have to many things all over again, even in life.

I started this blog to share. Share insights, thoughts, observations; To help in any way I can. To extend the reach of my advocacies, and maybe even serve as an avenue for dispelling myself of some of the angst thrown my way -- an outlet, so to speak.

So, I am back, hoping that this time around I am able to share more, and probably come around to answering the many questions that have found themselves in my inbox after all these months.

I will endeavor to post, even quip, as frequent as I can.

quip, quip. :)


Marco said...

You haven't lost me, sir! My eyes and ears are still open! Thanks to RSS! Hehe! :)

Ang Kuwago said...

Nice to see you're still around! Isn't RSS great?! ;-)

FilMasons NSW said...

Welcome back bro... same thing here got hijacked by FB!