11 November 2007

Plane Insights

A lot of good conversations and insights can be gained from plane rides. On one of my trips, I was asked by my seatmate-- in a rather skeptical tone-- if I were one of those persons who believed that events in people's lives are pre-destined. Calibrating my reply carefully so as not to offend, I replied, "...of course", to which she happily replied, "and that is why I do not really plan for my future".

That statement got me thinking. Did I really mean what I said?

On another ocassion, while irritably negotiating for excess baggage fees with an airline check-in counter staff on my way back to the Philippines, another passenger, an Australian woman in a similar situation, asked me if I was of a certain religious belief because of the necklace I wore. I politely said no, although I replied that I wore the trinket because I subscribed to some of their beliefs. At that moment, she shared that she was of that religion for 18 years, and even lived in one of their homes, but left due to politics. In parting, she offered that "What's important is what is in here", pointing to her heart.

I have to agree that religion still is run by man and are prone to his imperfections.

In one of my trips to Singapore, I watched an on-board movie entitled "Knocked Up". The story is about a highly disparate couple who end up preparing for the unwanted pregnancy of Alison. Ben, the father-to-be, has to quickly grow into his new role. The whole movie revolves around the individual plans and aspirations of each and how they eventually had to accept not having them fulfilled as they expected.

That struck me too. Life is indeed full of frustrations, but we just have to trust that God has a perfect plan for all of us. Sometimes, we do not get what we want, but we end up with something better.

So you see, the answers you are searching for may be found in the most obscure places and situations, where and when you least expect it.

Be keen to the messengers.


Senor Enrique said...

Goodness, you travel a lot, don't you? Hehehe.

I also believe in predestination, but somehow, volition gets in the way which makes it longer for us to get there.

But I also believe that we co-create our destiny with God.



Ang Kuwago said...


Too much travel can be tiring, but in between work, I do try to squeeze as much fun as I can.

As long as we believe in a divine plan, I think it makes living all the more meaningful, doesn't it?