09 November 2007

Resto Blog

The other day, back in the Philippines, I was tempted to blog about a restaurant I went to. I was impressed because when the chef found out that I was vegetarian, he visited our table, eager to cook me up a special veggie dish. I enjoyed the entree he decided to cook me up: spicy curry vegetable pasta. I wanted to blog about it but I ran out of time, I didn't have a decent camera with me and my Sony Ericsson just wouldn't do justice since the light source was insufficient. It would have been my first resto blog, but I decided against it at the last moment.

Today, I had lunch at the same restaurant. The same chef wasn't around, so I just ordered any vegetable pasta they could make up as long as it didn't have fish, pork, beef or chicken. My companions ordered salads and a serving of onion soup. The onion soup was the first to arrive, followed by the salad that had......right at the very peak of its mound of greens.......a small, live crawling cockroach!

Waiter! It wasn't I that ordered the roach salad!

The waiter was quick to pull the dish off the table, but not before we noticed the crawler. We naturally rejected the dish and carefully examined every dish that came out of the kitchen and into our table thereafter. Try eating decently after that incident.

I hereby take this as a sign: Resto Blogging Isn't for me!


arpee lazaro said...

wow! talk about restaurant horror stories! maybe you can tell me in private what this restaurant is so i can avoid it. promise ko i will not blog about it. like you, i only blog about the good stuff. nice blog you have!

Ang Kuwago said...

Dear Arpee,

I will definitely let you know!

Thanks for your comments, but YOUR blog really rocks!